Membership Forms & Fees

Membership Form -  GRC 2023 - 2024 Membership Form 

2023 - 2024 Season Fees (approved at GRC AGM 27 September 2023) 


1.   Club fees are due by 31 October. If you need a payment plan extending out to the end of December, please get in touch with the GRC Membership Officer or send an email to the GRC Treasurer -

2.   Family with one or more members - 10% off subsequent family rowers  

3.   Any variations or requests will be subject to consideration and approval by the Executive Committee 

4.   For all membership categories, use of GRC equipment requires Executive Committee approval prior to going on water or using shed based equipment. 

5.   Fees contribute to the running costs for the club e.g. upkeep and minor upgrades of equipment and facilities, insurance coverage for equipment, buildings and members, fuel for coach boats, general expenses and admin costs, entry to end of year prize giving, trailer warrants and registrations. 

6.   Please be aware that these subscription fees don't cover all fixed costs. Additional funding comes from regatta R&M seat fees as well as grants, sponsorship and donations.

7. All Regatta, Camp, Travel and Uniform costs are additional to the above fees